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Know someone who needs to learn to swim? Someone who is afraid of the water?

What we Offer

Our certified instructor will quickly teach your child essential lifesaving swimming skills through advanced private 1-on-1 lessons. We teach you or your child to love swimming for life, quickly effectively, and lastingly. We make the swimming lesson experience easy and fun for you and your family.

Our Core Values

    • Create the best swimmers using proven techniques
    • Build the best possible relationships with clients and the community
    • Always innovate: flexibility with multiple locations, online scheduling

Safety First

Our Swim schools provide a safe and encouraging space for children to learn how to swim or to improve their swimming ability, but not all swim schools are created equal. Here’s what sets Elite Swim School apart.

Survival-First Approach

We teach survival skills before stroke techniques, so every swimmer is prepared to survive an accidental fall into the water. Water survival is a unique skill set, and knowing how to survive means less worry for you as a parent.

Confidence-Building Curriculum

Our curriculum-based program allows swimmers to follow the class structure they’ve become accustomed to as they advance. Constantly achieving new goals keeps students motivated and leads to faster progress. Our curriculum-based program allows swimmers to follow the class structure they’ve become accustomed to as the advance, with the added benefit of the same instructor throughout their entire time Elite Swim School

Fun & Gentle Teaching Methods

Elite Swim School instructors are highly trained in how to teach swimmers of all ages. They know how to make learning fun and comfortable, so you or your child will enjoy classes and look forward to the next lesson.

Small Class Sizes

Personalized learning shows faster results, which is why our classes have a maximum student-to-instructor ratio of 2:1. This allows the instructor to spend one-on-one time to meet the different needs of each student and adapt their teaching style to best support each individual.

Year-Round Enrollment

Our program is available year-round because learning water survival skills and proper swimming techniques takes time. New students can start at any time, and no student needs to stop learning because the session is over. Keep your swim time as long as you wish for multiple sessions.


How to Enroll

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Enrol for our safe private lesson for children and adults
Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons

We offer Semi-Private lessons to potential swimmers
Toddlers can Swim

Toddlers can Swim

Enroll in our Swim Lessons For Toddlers
Build a Legacy

Build a Legacy

Read our success stories on how we build lasting legacies.


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Elite Swim school provides personalized and private lessons to their clients.  We do not accept walk-ins or have the staff to manage drop-ins or tours.

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