Jen, As you know my children struggled in the water when they first started with you. They have both been in swimming lessons since they were three but never progressed after the first level. The young instructors through the city didn’t have the patience or reassurance my children needed to build up their confidence. Now Jackson and Jenna are excited each week to come and proud of their accomplishments. They have come so far in just 8 short weeks. Jackson has said on numerous occasions that “I really think Ms. Jen is going to be able to help me.” This is huge relief for a child that had a fear of water and visibly upset if he was ever splashed. You recognize each child’s strengths and limitations and gradually push them to build their confidence to succeed! Their progress is amazing but what’s even better is their smiles when they come out of the pool. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to help them through. Please feel free to share on your website.
Thank you, Michelle Spataro

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I am writing this letter of recommendation for Jennifer.  She has been the swimming instructor for our nine year old son, Sidu.  Sidu had a fear of swimming until she met Jennifer.  Jennifer was able to build Sidu’s confidence within the first couple of swimming lessons and he felt comfortable going to the deep end. Sidu has learned how to swim across the pool using all the techniques Jennifer has taught and can tread water.   He is also now comfortable with the floatation techniques.  Jennifer’s teaching skills are very informative and Sidu likes his swimming instructor very much.
I am happy to recommend her as your swimming instructor.
Niroshini and Sal

My two boys have been swimming with Jennifer for just over a year now and I am pleasantly surprised with what they have accomplished and how far they’ve come. They are 5yrs and 7yrs and came into her class with just the basics and now are confident swimmers for their levels. I do not see the fear in them that I used to as they are much more comfortable in the water and now realize how much fun swimming can be. Jennifer has a firm but fair coaching style as she genuinely wants the children to learn and succeed. My boys like and respect her and my experience with Elite Swim School has been a pleasurable one, I’m glad I found her. Thanks Jen, for all that you do!
Jennifer Fiore

I am a 59 year old male that had always wanted to learn to swim but had never felt comfortable in the water. I found Jennifer Price’s swim school on the internet and signed up for semi-private lessons with my wife (who can swim but wanted to improve her technique). It was one of the best decisions we have made !! Jennifer is a highly qualified and very experienced instructor that was able to help us realize our goals through specific steps that were challenging but at a pace that was consistent with our ability. Semi-private lessons allowed us to progress much quicker than group lessons at a city pool. My wife was delighted to improve her technique and we both thoroughly enjoyed each and every session. We were able to take the lessons at a convenient time during the day and the pool is kept at a beautifully warm temperature and impeccably maintained. We would highly recommend Jennifer’s swim school to all ages !
Jim and Janet Cross

Elite Swim School
I would highly recommend Elite Swim School to anyone looking for a comfortable and rewarding swimming lesson experience. My 6 year old son has been taking private swim classes with the instructor (Jennifer) for almost a year, and he thoroughly enjoys it. Jennifer has always shown a great deal of patience when working with my son, encouraging him to learn new skills, but never pushing him beyond his comfort level. Jennifer is a rare gem among swimming instructors!
D. Jones

Our experience with Jennifer at Elite Swim School has been an absolute pleasure! She is patient and kind with the kids, moving at a pace comfortable to the children. With two young children unable to swim, we realized the importance for them to learn. We were thrilled to hear about Jennifer and with private and semi-private lessons available, both children have been able to progress quickly in a warm, friendly and safe environment. I would recommend Elite Swim School to anyone wanting their children to learn to swim in a wonderful environment with an experienced and capable instructor!
Jolene O’Conor-Fenton

Learn to Swim… Be WaterSmart and Safe